GOLDEN JOOKLO AGE "I" LP ONE-SIDED black vinyl hand-screened ltd edition of 117 numbered copies troglosound 017 
 "Golden Jooklo Age had his first open session at 3 a.m. of the New Year's Eve in 2008, under the secret control of that Star somewhere over there, and three days after the trio was already working on an atlantic tour for february (tracing a line around Atlantis, somewhere between Portugal and Ireland), and on this hermetic and alchemical LP. Everything just flew naturally under the wings of the Time, and this is it. Recorded on the 11th day of January 2008 with the magical help of Maurizio Abate, this record and everything connected to this strange triad seems to evocate continuously the mysterious hidden meaning of the numbers' power, and the music inside is what you can imagine could come out from this. The LP is the fruit of the joined work of Troglosound and 8mm recs, artworks and silkscreens by Troglosound." 

 Releasing date: february 11th, 2008 


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