JOOKLO STELLAR TRIBE "FREAKEDELIC" LP 12" clear vinyl with red and blue marble-effects, ltd edition of 200 numbered copies 
 "Jewel of transcendental future music arising from the Jooklo's universe. Including some deep synthesizer's lines, charming flutes, ethnic winds and tenor saxophone's shimmers, besides a multitude of scattered shamanic percussions (bells, gongs, bongos, etc). This epic psychedelic free-form session dipped in a mystic vortex was recorded on the night of March 4th, 2008, and it's been resting in space until now. Ultra-limited run with handmade labels (some are white, some are hand-pasted, some are hand-designed), plus silkscreened covers with different metallic effects (gold, copper, silver, platinum, bronze). " 

 Releasing date: March 21, 2012 


 no more available