SINERGIA ELETTRONICA "DIMENSIONE PARALLELA" CS-35 Green tape with insert, limited edition of 99 copies 
 " Sinergia Elettronica group (involving members of Jooklo and Metabolismus) hails from the love for filtering, processing, manipulating, and altering this world's reality through electricity, generating a boundless realm of infinite possibilities' combinations and multi-layered cosmic dimensions. This live concert has been recorded last March in Lido Adriano (Italy), straight on cassette and brought to you without any further adjustment, raw as it was, resonating a progressive, warm and rarefied vibration. It features a real arsenal of weird all analog sounds and old-school psychedelic systems like live saxophones' manipulations with tapes, intergalactic vocoded harmonica, streams of electric organ, waterfalls of spring reverbs, and much more. You'll also hear some innovative instruments you never heard before, such as the Thilotron: an incredible self-built stereo modular beast that needs Light and colors to be played. If you're a fanatic of analog electronic experiments, this is for you. If you love free form, improvisation, and strange dimensions in music, you definitely gotta put your ears on it. " 

 Releasing date: July 2013 


 available only at shows