ORFANADO "SETE" LP 12" ONE-SIDED black vinyl, handmade collage covers, limited edition of 112 numbered copies 
 " First release for the italian duo (Alessandro De Zan, Riccardo Mazza), recorded and assembled during one year, giving as result the deepest sound ever. Beautiful and fresh vibes coming out from acoustic guitars, percussions, flutes, voices and birds' field recordings, in five fine composed tunes spacing between Amazzonia and Africa, flying on the wings of perfect bliss. This is going to be particularly appreciated from those who love '70s brazilian psych such as Lula Cortez, Z Ramalho, Stenio Mendez, Hermeto Pascoal, but all this with a new and unique sound.  " 

 Releasing date: august 15th, 2009 


 no more available