HARTMUT GEERKEN "MAPPA 9" LP 12" ONE-SIDED pink vinyl (some are sprayed!) unique pieces ltd edition of 117 numbered copies troglosound 018 
 "Hartmut Geerken is an incredible and misterious writer, filmaker, musician, composer and big traveller coming from the south of Germany. His musical work is unfortunately not well-known by the mosts: during the last 40 years he was working stablely with Famodou Don Moye, Art Ensemble of Chicago, John Tchicai and many others, and in 1971 he invited Sun Ra and the Arkestra in Egypt, where Hartmut was living at the time, being also the founder of the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble. On this live recording from 1989, he's performing on prepared piano and short waves receiver, with the collaboration of Grace Yoon dancing and playing percussions. "Mappa" was a series of long performances (lasting usually around 4 hours each) the duo was acting on those years, and "Mappa #9" is the first released witness of this experience. The sound is a burning and explosive vortex of fire, without a single moment of breath." 

 Releasing date: june 2008 


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