MAITRES FOUS  CD-R, silk-screen ltd edition of 40 numbered copies 
 "Troglosound 003 stayed unreleased for four years, waiting the right moment to come out, and here it is! Recorded on December 6th 2008 in the Sauvage's temple in Saint Etienne, France, this was a spontaneous and secret jam starring David Vanzan, Jeremie Sauvage, Mathieu Tilly and Virginia Genta, the four of them absorbed in a primitive and tribal vortex of percussions, gongs, flutes, some bass lines and some other weird instruments from outer space. The music comes inside a galactic handmade silk-screen art by Sauvage and Tilly. Blessings to the seed of a new powerful brotherhood, in Light and Love." 

 Releasing date: december 10th, 2008 


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