JOOKLO und METABOLISMUS "PERCEPTION OF THE ILLUSION OF THE OPPOSITION OF CONTRARIES" C-50 clear fluo orange tape, limited edition of 99 numbered copies 
 " This is what happened when Jooklo Duo stopped by the sensational Sumsilobatem studio in western Germany, on October 2012. While travelling with fellow Jeremie Sauvage (bassist of "France"), the couple arranged this outstanding meeting with the Metabolismus collective. Prepare your whole being to dive between the most fragmented and freaked out improvisations and transcendental tapes' manipulations, through metaphysic winds and surreal impressions. Drop out the illusion and break beyond the borders of your Self, squeezing every particle in a limbus of unpredictable visions. All the eight musicians playing here helps you strongly to do so, try to believe. Full analogue recording which features an arsenal of instruments: alto clarinet, bass recorder, tenor and soprano saxophones, mellotron, vibraphone, grand piano, analogue synthesizers (the legendary EMS Synthi 100, Yamaha CS 80, Maestro Woodwind), electric bass, guitar, tanpura, a tons of percussions and much more. " 

 Releasing date: january 2013 


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