JOOKLO FINNISH QUARTET "BIRTHDAY SESSION" LP 12" ONE-SIDED black (few orange) vinyl, handmade collage ltd edition of 224 numbered copies 
 "The Birthday Session features the wild burning sound of the two crossed tenor and soprano saxophones of Sami Pekkola and Virginia Genta, alongside with Tero Kemppainen on a deeply blues double-bass and David Vanzan on exploding free drums. Recorded in Helsinki after ten days of tour around Finland (right on the night of Genta's birthday) and first fruit of the Jooklo finnish brotherhood, this session turned to be a deep exploration of the purifying fire that brings to complete and sublime liberation. The Quartet Session was taped at the end of a long and exhausting day of recordings in many different combinations, so the last energy came out in these three wildest improvisations. The first take "Tenors Force" sees the weave of the two tenors creating mirrors' like dynamics and getting one together on the deep impressing bass lines and the flowing drums. Then the sound turns on "Breath Time", a moment of suspension and dilatation, to prepare the right energy for the last "Soprano Connections", elevating the free Spirit of fire music to its highest sensitive point, like under the Grace of a divine breast." 

 Releasing date: february 1st, 2009 


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