VIRGINIA GENTA / CHRIS CORSANO / DAVID VANZAN  "LIVE" LP 12" clear marbled yellow vinyl, edition of 200 numbered copies with two different cover artworks (one of the two versions is sprayed and pasted-on)  
 "These three musicians mixed their informal creative sounds for a concert that is fully reported here as a high quality live recording, caught in Vittorio Veneto, Italy (July 2012). Virginia Genta on tenor & soprano saxophones + clarinet. David Vanzan on electric guitar and home-made semimodular synthesizer. Chris Corsano on drums + percussion. Abstract cosmic-punk improvisations! You probably don't need any other word for this one. If you know them, all you expect is gonna be here, even the unexpected. Use your imagination. Or just grab a copy and put  it on on."  

 Releasing date: OCTOBER 2013