NEOKARMA JOOKLO TRIO "EVO MAGICO" LP 12" ONE-SIDED black vinyl, handmade covers, ltd edition of 112 numbered copies 
 " Finally the long awaited latest work by the trio, now on their fifth album. Recorded on february 2009, this one-sided lp features a totally acoustic set of esoteric music played by Virginia Genta on soprano saxophone, wood flutes, bells, David Vanzan on bow-harp, kuena, bells, and Maurizio Abate on hurdy-gurdy. Try to feel the sounds that only angels, satyrs and other charming creatures could evoke. Middle-Age's improvisations brought around the world from restless pilgrims who escape the impressions of matter. Timeless mysterious music where the dimensions become infinite and parallels into labyrinths of hypnotic hurdy-gurdy drones, soprano's raising scales and astounding magic vibes coming from a self-made harp played with a bow .  " 

 Releasing date: december 25th, 2009 


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