FRANCESCO CAVALIERE "ENERGIA NUVOLA" LP 12" Smokey vinyl, silk-screened jacket, insert, ltd edition of 123 numbered copies 
"Long awaited first work on vinyl for magic sound artist Francesco Cavaliere. Born in Italy and based in Germany for a long time, Francesco is one of the most unique people working with sounds, words, lights and movement nowadays, developing a totally personal and surreal music through a million journeys in fantastic dreamlands. Energia Nuvola is the fruit of his efforts recorded during over an year (2012/2013), a collection of fleeting tales based on glowing electronic sounds, field recordings and surreal poetry (recited in Italian) that absorbs ears and brains to transpose them in some other mysterious dimension inhabited by weird luminous animals, funny water figurines and  so on... It's just like a documentary of invisible things that are happening all over around us even though we can't see them. " 

 Releasing date: February 2015 


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