CRISTIANO CAROSI "MISURE"  CS46 recycled tape, xeroxed art, limited edition of 36 numbered copies 

" In the last few years several italian artists started to go deeper in tape music exploration. That's the case of Rome-based Cristiano Carosi. Misure presents the introspective psychedelic side of it. A collage of different sources such as surreal words, altered voices coming from who knows where, and clumsy synthesis-produced sounds that melt down together in a juicy lo-fi sauce (remarked by the straight-on-cassette recording). A minimal work displaying a perfectly calibrated yet very colourful balance between sound and silence. Everything floats cartoonishly between overlapping loops layers and silicon-processed field-recordings. If you are into magic sushi madness, you should go for it... whatever that means! Definitely a backbone of goofology music dimension. "

 Releasing date: June 2020